The guy responsible for blocking my website!

As I was reading the new ONI OpenNet Initiative Report on internet filtering in the Middle East and North Africa, I ran into an old post by them, which I thought explained why I did not have any access to my own website from Turkey this past July. Turkey has blocked access to some sites such as Youtube for a while and now apparently google sites also, which is what I used to create my own website. I know I should have gone with a better option than google for my personal website, since google has become a monopolistic media mogul, but this incident drew my attention closer to the issues of internet content monitoring in Turkey. The posts below illustrate how easy it is to file a complaint about a site and get it blocked. It wasn’t my site that they wanted to block, but blocking the whole disabled any access to my site as well. For a long time, it seemed (at least to me) like the secular Kemalist state authorities were the only ones who blocked websites, such as Kurdish propaganda sites and sites that badmouth Ataturk. Apparently, even Islamist creationists such as Adnan Oktar, who was sentenced by a Turkish court to three years in prison for “creating an illegal organization for personal gain” in 2008, have power to appeal to authorities to block access to websites, popular ones like eksi sozluk and even prestigious newspapers like Vatan. Apparently, the Turkish authorities are trying to shift the burden of monitoring the internet content to citizens by allowing them to report suspicious/objectionable content with the new law that passed in May. Until Turkish authorities realize this is creating more problems and burden on the judicial system, Turkish net users will continue to enjoy using proxyservers to bypass the block. And that’s exactly how I accessed both my site and youtube while I was in Turkey this summer.


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